What Our Fans Are Saying…

I walked into the venue and, by God, I thought I was at a Steely Dan concert!... I’m a HUGE Steely Dan Fan! But seeing Dirty Logic for the first time was such an emotional experience for me, they had me in tears!
— BJ Leiderman, NPR Theme Composer

...that Dirty Logic show was absolutely killer! ...This was our 4th time seeing DL....and I intend to make every show I can. This group of players is very special. I’ll say it again: These folks are pros with massive chops at every position. But, what makes this band different is how they play with enthusiasm and heart and sensitivity. Everyone is given a time to shine...and nobody tries to upstage anyone else in the least. As you well know - the crowd senses this and it just adds to the joy of being there. Hearing this band do the music of Steely Dan is really a tremendous treat! ...The show at White Horse in Black Mountain on 9-27-19 was amazing. ...For all you Dan Fanz out there I’ll say this: “You CAN Buy a Thrill”. Just purchase a ticket to see this awesome band reproducing what is for many folks some of the best tunes in popular music history. You won’t be disappointed....you’ll be thrilled!!
— Steve Simpson

This is an exhillarating group to play with! Both the musicality and musicians are out of this world. The harmonies I get to sing are powerful, strange and very much fun! I think Fagen and Becker would be proud to hear their timeless music played with such dedication.
— Debrissa McKinney, Grammy-winning vocalist and Dirty Logic singer

I arrived at a Dirty Logic show to find that it had been sold out. I hung around outside the venue for a bit where they had outdoor speakers piping music to the courtyard. It took three songs before I realized it wasn’t Steely Dan being played but a live feed from inside. Dirty Logic defines nailing it in the most delightful way possible.
— Phil Huber

Awesome group! Excellent musicians!
— Jim Owen

Great band and a must see!
— Scott Woody, Isis Music Hall Promoter

Ok, now...even if you aren’t a Steely Dan fan/freak, this band is a must see. All killer/seasoned musicians. I happen to be a max SD fan from 1972. Have seen them live 3 times...and still listen to them a good bit. I know most of the tunes note for note as do my good friends. A band I was in during the early 80’s did “Do It Again and Kid Charlemagne...but, not like this! We’ve seen Dirty Logic 3 times and are begging for more! Just check out YouTube for other SD tribute bands, even from major music spots like LA and Nashville (with their killin’ players) and you’ll see that Dirty Logic from Asheville smokes them all (IMHO). Dirty Logic just has a quality unmatched by all those others. And, it isn’t due to one great player...this package is something special. They all make this fabulous band what it is. What folks need to remember is that many of the SD parts that these guys cover (and totally nail)...were chosen from many different takes by hordes of different hand-picked studio musicians for SD records. You must come see and support this incredible assemblage of talent. Believe me...you’ll be jazzed that you did. When you come be sure to put some focus on the female singers, too...these women are absolute GOLD!!!
— Steve Simpson

I saw Steely Dan on their first tour at Shady Grove Theater outside of Washington, DC. This band is the closest I’ve had to that experience!!
— Frank Zipperer

Absolutely amazing!!!! One of the best shows I have ever seen!
— Angelia Finger Horne

If you are going to cover a band like Steely Dan, you better nail it, and these guys do! Excellent vocals and mastery of the material by Josh Clark and drums you could set your watch to by Patrick Armitage compliment a diverse group of very talented musicians including an incredible horn section and perfect vocals… Steely Dan fan? Then don’t miss these guys play. Not a fan? Go see these guys and you’ll become one.
— Kenneth Horgan

Killer performances! Spot on in so many ways!
— Mark Jonas

Steely Dan has always been my favorite.. I’ve never seen a band do their music so much justice. You guys are awesome!
— Debbie Baker

I was lucky enough to see their show last night. the energy of their music and The Incredible skill of each musician was amazing! being a Steely Dan fan for my entire life, the experience definitely revitalized my love for this incredible music. I look forward to the opportunity to see them again wherever they may play and would suggest them to people who may have never even heard of Steely Dan.
— Brian Davis

Best show ever!
— Jalane Ferrara

— JoAnne Kushi

Such a great band and wonderful show on Sunday night at the Isis Music Hall!!
— Bo Jolley

Fabulous Show!!
— Mary Robbins

These guys are awesome! As far as the standing room only at Isis is concerned, let the dinners have the balcony, the best sound and groove is happening on the floor where the energy is!
— Bryan Rohr

WOWZA! What an amazing show with extraordinary musicians! Gets better every time!
— Paula Nelson

Bwhaaaat?! Killed it again. Y’all are the actual tits. Loved the new material, and Jesse’s sexy black dress. It’s so evident that you all love performing this stuff. So glad to see the slick promotional Facebook and web pages, and merch up and running. Looking forward to checking out your other home projects.
— Ian Bailey

You guys nailed last night! Thanks for taking me back in time! 🎶💕Hands down one of the best shows I’ve been to in a long while... looking forward to the next one.
— Stephanie Pruett